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  • 5W-30 SN GF-5

    5W-30 SN GF-5
    5W-30 SN GF-55W-30 SN GF-55W-30 SN GF-5

    Pronto 5W-30 conventional motor oil is a premium motor oil that provides excellent protection for your vehicle. It is a specially formulated multi-grade motor oil made to exceed tough U.S. standards for outstanding protection and performance for today's sophisticated, hard working car and light truck engines. It meets or exceeds manufacturers' engine warranty requirements, while meeting API Service SN, ILSAC GF-5 specifications.

    • Helps to keep the engine clean by helping to eliminate engine deposits.
    • Provides long lasting engine protection
    • Reduces wear, corrosion, and friction
    • Offers high and low temperature protection
    • Refined from premium petroleum products and additives which provide excellent protection and performance for your vehicle

    Always consult your owner’s manual for lubrication requirements.

    Available sizes:
    • 1 Quart (12 per case) 652PR View SDS
    • 5 Quart (3 per case) 6525QPR View SDS
    • 6 Gallon Bag in a Box (1 per case) EP530PR View SDS
    • 55 Gallon (1 per case) 708PR View SDS


        French Label

    • 1 Quart (12 per case) C652PR View SDS
    • 5 Quart (3 per case) C6525QPR View SDS
    • 55 Gallon (1 per case) C708PR View SDS